Toxic Traxx Volume 6: Dubstep

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    Toxic Traxx Volume 6: Dubstep

    Toxic Traxx Volume 6: Dubstep | 2.20 GB​

    Give your productions the same energy and rhythm you feel when you watch our popular promo videos! The Toxic Traxx product line is a unique compilation of the kind of layered production music we use in our Digital Juice product promo videos. The multi-layered tracks in Toxic Traxx Volume 6: Dubstep have an electronic dance mix base, a prevailing bass line and reverberant drum rhythms that will add a funky edge to any production – whether for trailers, promos or show intros. These songs have been created by talented musicians from around the world, inspired by the Dubstep revolution, and containing a rich, complex sound reminiscent of the genre’s syncopated percussion patterns and prominent sub-bass frequencies. Each of these tracks was professionally recorded and produced specifically for us – but we’ve decided to share them with you!

    Like the songs in our MusicBox product line, each song in Toxic Traxx Collection 6 contains up to 10 remixable layers for the ultimate in customization. These tracks are compiled for use in a variety of video and film productions, ready to be remixed and customized for everything from show or movie opens, compilation videos and broadcast commercial spots to corporate presentations, show reels and event promos. And, as with the MusicBox libraries, each song in Toxic Traxx also comes with custom edited standard length broadcast cuts in full, 1:00, :30, :15 and :10 lengths so that you can quickly grab the track you need. With all of this, your options to customize and make each song fit your production are endless. And because this is an instant download collection, you can get the tracks you need as soon as you want them!

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