Outerspace Software BluffTitler DX9 iTV v (Win) & Bonus SuperPack

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    BluffTitler is a Windows desktop app for creating, rendering and playing 3D video effects
    Want to impress your family, friends and clients with spectacular 3D titles? But do not want to use complex and expensive 3D animation software? BluffTitler makes it easy and affordable to add 3D effects to your videos!

    Resizable windows
    - You can resize the render and tool windows with your mouse, making them fit on any desktop. Power buttons are added if there is place for them.
    – Up to 4 viewports can be rendered at the same time. This screenshot shows the perspective, front, right and top views.
    Browser Mode
    – BluffTitler features a browser toolbar containing the 5 classic browser buttons: back, forward, refresh, stop loading and home. The browser toolbar can be turned on/off with the menu item Settings > Browser Mode.
    Select Layer
    – A BluffTitler animation is built out of layers that can be animated independently. Layers can be selected with the dropdown listbox above the Play button.
    Add Layer
    – You can add a new layer with a submenu of the Layer > Add Layer menu.
    – A layer has properties that can be keyframed. Properties can be selected with the dropdown listbox above the 3 sliders.
    HD Resolutions
    – In the resolution dialog you can enter any resolution and aspect ratio you like. Presets are available for the the most common resolutions. BluffTitler can create videos in all HD resolutions, even if your desktop isn’t big enough to dispay them.
    Effect Dialog
    – BluffTitler supports DirectX effect files for advanced graphical effects like bump mapping, tonal art mapping, phong shading and cube mapping.
    Export Dialog
    – Animations can be exported as AVI files for further processing in NLE tools.
    Font Dialog
    – The font dialog also allows you to set the character set and kerning method.
    Show Duration Dialog
    – You can stretch/extend or shrink/crop the show to the new duration.

    BluffTitler has been designed for video:

    -Export your titles in any resolution, from 320 x 240 up to full HD in 1920 x 1080
    -Presets for all SD and HD standards in PAL and NTSC
    -Export as 32 bits AVI with transparency info
    -Export as 32 bits TARGA, PNG and BMP frames with transparency info
    -Export in 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 aspect ratios
    -Correct NTSC framerate of 29.97 fps
    -Safe area and crosshair display when editing

    Import file formats

    Vector fonts: TrueType (.TTF), OpenType (.OTF) and Type 1 fonts.
    Bitmap fonts: Bitmap fonts created with Alphabix.
    Pictures: .BMP(including 32 bits), .TGA(including 32 bits), .JPG, .PNG(including 32 bits), .DDS (including Cubemaps and volume textures), .GIF and .DIB.
    Video: Support depends on the DirectShow video decoder filters that are installed on your system. The Installer does not install any filter.
    Audio: .MP3, .WAV and .WMA.
    Vector drawings: .EPS (limited support)
    3D models: .X

    Pack Contents:
    1. BIXPACK 1 - Virtual Studios
    2. BIXPACK 2 - Ornaments
    3. BIXPACK 3 - Home Videos
    4. BIXPACK 4 - Lights, Camera, Action
    5. BIXPACK 5 - Sports
    6. BIXPACK 6 - Shine and Glow
    7. BIXPACK 7 - Glitz and Glam
    8. BIXPACK 8 - Dust, Dirt & Destruction
    9. BIXPACK 9 - Emotions
    10. BIXPACK 10 - Splines in Space
    11. DPack 1
    12. DPack 2
    13. DPack Roquenublo
    14. Big Pack 11 - 12 - 13

    Pass : filmmaking.com.vn

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    Phần mềm này không có crack sao vậy ạ ?

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    Crack có trong gói bản tải về luôn :D

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