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    Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.1.1 for Adobe Photoshop

    [​IMG] 100-Look LibraryFor the first time, you can design and refine a look with a user experience that balances ease of use with the power of 36 distinct Look Tools. The new interface offers Quick Drawers for accessing tools and presets without taking up valuable space. Tool controls keep clutter to a minimum. Also, a linear-light processing engine provides fluid interaction using the power of your graphics card.

    You've Got The Power Unlike other Photoshop plug-ins that are just a collection of presets with sliders and checkboxes, PhotoLooks includes 36 powerful tools that let you customize the precise look you need. The interface and tools are inspired by your real-life experience with your camera making it easy to get started. Behind the scenes, PhotoLooks' optical processing engine calculates light values in the same way that real light and lenses behave. You'll get instant visual feedback and more realistic effects
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