HÀNG MỚI Adobe After Effects CC 2015 13.7.1 Multilingual

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    After Effects CC. All new in 2015. Create incredible motion graphics and visual effects. The industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects toolset now brings you better ways to work, connecting your desktop and mobile apps with all your creative assets, so you can create your most stunning visuals yet.

    Bold new ways to put your ideas in motion.
    Create production-quality graphics and Looks on your mobile devices as well as your desktop. And get immediate access to all your assets — including Adobe Stock images — from right inside After Effects. See how the latest release helps you go from initial concept to finished composition faster than ever.

    Access all your After Effects assets anywhere with CreativeSync.
    Adobe CreativeSync keeps everything you need up to date and at your fingertips across your desktop, web and mobile apps. It automatically syncs your Looks, colors, images, Adobe Stock assets, settings, metadata and more. It also powers your Creative Cloud Libraries, giving you instant access to your favorite assets right from within After Effects. With CreativeSync, you can start your project in any app on any device, pick it up where you left off and finish it on your desktop.

    Millions of high-quality images. Right inside After Effects.
    Find the perfect photo or graphic to jump-start your next project and make it amazing. The new Adobe Stock service offers 40 million curated, royalty-free assets that are all available from After Effects CC in just a few clicks. And Creative Cloud members get special pricing — 40% off Adobe Stock when you add it to your membership. It's the industry's best value.

    What's new in Adobe After Effects CC 2015:

    Find the perfect image or graphic for your project
    Save time finding, licensing and managing royalty-free stock images and graphics now that After Effects CC integrates with the new Adobe Stock service. Once you save an image to your Creative Cloud Libraries, it’s immediately available for use in your compositions and other creative projects.

    Your assets, available anywhere
    Access and share important creative assets — like Looks and graphics — via Creative Cloud Libraries that are available in After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator; mobile apps like Shape; and services like Adobe Stock.

    Preview without interruptions
    Adjust a composition’s properties and even resize panels without interrupting playback. Uninterrupted preview keeps up with your creativity.

    Track faces with greater accuracy
    The Face Tracker makes it easy to apply effects to select areas of faces. Use simple tracking to color correct or blur a face; track specific points to change eye color or mouth movements; or track measurements, such as how wide an eye is open. You can even export data to Adobe Character Animator.

    Easily animate 2D characters
    Give life to characters you create in Illustrator or Photoshop by acting out their movements in front of a webcam. Adobe Character Animator tracks your facial movements, lets you record dialogue or a voice performance and enables you to trigger actions with your keyboard.

    Preview the way that works best for you
    Preview compositions, layers and footage based on your experience and preferences. Choose intuitive default behaviors, create customized previews for different triggers or revert to legacy preview behaviors with a few clicks.

    Adapt the UI to your preferences
    Navigate panels faster thanks to streamlined panel groups. Adjust the brightness of interactive controls to get the contrast just right.

    Optimize the UI for touch
    In the first steps toward a more touch-friendly compositing environment, After Effects makes it easier to navigate between panels in a group by letting you choose and activate panels with touch-optimized controls.

    And so much more
    Also includes: Enhancements that save time when working with expressions, the ability to import JPEG 2000 files and more.

    System Requirements:

    - Intel Core2 Duo or AMD Phenom II processor with 64-bit support
    - Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
    - 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
    - 5GB of available hard-disk space; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable fl ash storage devices)
    - Additional disk space for disk cache (10GB recommended)
    - 1280x1080 display
    - OpenGL 2.0–capable system
    - QuickTime 7.6.6 soft ware required for QuickTime features
    - Optional: Adobe-certifi ed GPU card for GPU-accelerated ray-traced 3D renderer
    - Internet connection and registration are necessary for required soft ware activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.*

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