Gorilla Grain Luster Film Burn (H.264) 12 packs

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    Introducing Luster Film Burns SuperPak!
    Enjoy the organic look and feel of film burns created from our new 16MM film scans! Combined with the 35mm film burns from the original Luster Film Burns pack these add a one of a kind vintage feel to your footage. When creating the 16mm film burns we did a lot of experimenting. We shined all kinds of lights into the housing of the camera to get as many crazy, gritty film burns that we could. We feel confident in declaring that you’ve finally arrived at what you’ve been looking for in the Luster Film Burns SuperPak.

    We’ve used them on award winning projects and to give our work the authentic look of Indie film. Experience the indie film look on your films and if for whatever reason you’re not completely satisfied, let me know and I’ll refund your money. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

    12 Custom Film Burn/Light Leaks
    Scanned & Delivered at HD 1080P
    Instant Download
    Cross Platform/Application Compatible
    FCP X Compatible
    They’re Awesome!?!
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    Pass: filmmaking.com.vn

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