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    AfterCodecs 1.7.4

    Các codec được sử dụng:
    - ProRes: 422 LT / Prroxy / Normal / HQ (10 bit) and even 4444 that supports Alpha Channel.
    - x264 : best H264 / AVC implementation, outperforming both Adobe Media Encoder and QuickTime H264.
    - x265 : files are 30% lighter than x264 and it also supports 8K resolution.
    - x264 RGB : same as x264 but avoids YUV colorspace, best for storing separate channels in one video (UV map, Alphas...) for power users only.
    - HAP GPU accelerates codecs : Hap, Hap Alpha anđ Hap Q, you can choose if you want to compress frames and how many chunks you need.
    - codecs also support lossless encoding in which there is no compression artifacts, keeping the original data intact.
    Danh sách các thay đổi. Có gì mới trong phiên bản này:
    AfterCodecs 1.7.4 (September 27 2019)

    - Windows : new "AfterCodecs Desktop" standalone popup next to the plugins (in MediaCore/Autokroma AfterCodecs) so you can access Global Setting & License more easily! Shorcut will be created on your Desktop & Programs Menu
    - Premiere Pro / Media Encoder : "Quick Sub Resolutions" new buttons at the bottom of video Settings so you can quickly set Width and Height to Full 1/1, Half 1/2, Quarter 1/4 or Eighth 1/8
    - Now AfterCodecs will warn you with a popup when there's a new version available.
    Tương thích các phần mềm:
    After Effect CC 2015 - CC 2019
    Premiere Pro CC 2015 - CC 2019
    Media Encoder CC 2015 - CC 2019
    Hệ điều hành: Windows 7/8/10(x64)
    Giao diện: Tiếng Anh
    Kích thước: 9.37 MB

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